Landscape Design/Garden Design?

A landscape is simply an outdoor environment, whether designed by nature or by professionals. It is the selection and controlled arrangement of plants and other hardscape elements for the beautification of buildings and parks etc.

A properly designed and planned landscape site increases its usefulness, beauty, ecological, social, economic, and aesthetic values. Therefore, a landscape design is required to make the best use of available space in farmhouses, parks, buildings, educational institutes, and other government and private institutions. Proper landscaping should have utility as well as beauty. In the planning of site design, walkways, driveways, pergolas, gazebos, water features like fountains and waterfalls, and BBQ areas are necessary elements for the development of environments for the people living in the buildings. These facilities should be durable, attractive, comfortable and nicely located, and well placed/suited to the landscape. An attractively landscaped house is aesthetically pleasing. People appreciate the beauty of architecture that can be added with ornamental trees, plants, shrubs, climbers, creepers, seasonal flowers, and other hardscape elements. A well-planned landscape improves the value of property in several indirect ways. The house/farmhouse will be more appealing to a prospective buyer because of its usefulness and attractiveness of the landscape features. Buyers also feel the value of having an established landscape rather than having to bear the expenses and efforts involved in establishing landscape materials for a new house.